Benefits of Garlic
Posted by Gus on 12/8/2013 to • Digestive system
Garlic or Allium sativum has been around for about 7,000 years and it is native to Central Asia. Many of its benefits have been recognized in culinary books for added taste, and aroma. It has also been featured in the scripture as a powerful tool to ward off malign influences. Now, Hispanic Americans can count on their abuelitos (grandparents) to give them insight on garlic as a remedy. According to Medscape, It is likely that the use of herbs by Hispanics is based on a verbal tradition that is handed down from one generation to the next. Garlic, in this case, has been referenced in many health books for its health benefits towards hypertension, colds, and infections.
Is your diet causing the Candida Albicans?
Posted by Gus on 5/19/2013 to • Digestive system
Candida Albican is a type of fungus (single-celled) that is dormant and resides in the genitals and intestinal tract. Once awaken and if left untreated, it can cause serious health symptoms.
Soda consumption affecting Hispanic Americans Health
Posted by Gus on 4/22/2013 to • Digestive system
What do supermarkets, fast food restaurants, gas stations, liquor stores, and schools have in common? If you guessed soda, then you are absolutely right. Soda is one of the most consumed sugar drinks in America. According to The Digital Universe, they reference a statement by NPR (National Public Radio) that Americans are consuming 20 percent more diet sodas now than they did 15 years ago.
Acid Reflux: A common problem among Hispanics
Posted by Mike on 7/3/2012 to • Digestive system
Traditional Latin American cuisine contains ingredients that can be beneficial to the Hispanic diet. Tomatoes, salsas, chili peppers, citrus fruits, and alcohol such as wine, may promote good health if consumed in moderation. These particular foods, as well as other foods that are high in acidity and fat, for instance fried foods, may cause an individual to have an unpleasant experience after the ingestion of a large meal.

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