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About Us

Health Hispanica® is a Hispanic American on-line health store offering supplements from Natura-Genics® and Yerba Farma®, two of the most sought after Hispanic nutraceutical brands. Each line provides a unique variety of natural and highly reliable products ranging from vitamins and minerals, herbal extracts, amino acids, enzymes, and other related aids.

Our goal is to serve our clients with quality nutritional supplements and offer them at affordable prices.

Presently, the majority of Americans are searching for new ways to improve their health by turning to alternative methods and remedies rather than conventional methods. Countless studies have indicated the therapeutic benefits and applications of these remedies. Much of this research presents strong evidence that the use of nutraceutical in conjunction with a positive state of mind, healthy diet, exercise, and lifestyle can be beneficial.

At Health Hispanica® we want to keep you informed regarding the latest news in the nutritional supplement industry by offering access to a growing and up-to-date blog with articles and topics. Here you will find vital information about key health concerns and product information for people seeking healthier lifestyles.

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