Today, Hispanics make up about 16 percent of the American population.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), research has indicated

that Hispanic American drinking patterns may be contingent to acculturation,

the process by which an individual may experience cultural modifications

by adapting to traits from another culture. Clinical and experimental studies

performed on alcohol and racial/ethnic minorities have reported that minority

groups such as Hispanics are at greater risk of alcohol related problems.

Hispanics reside in communities where alcohols availability is superior.

Not only is alcohol easy to access, but also we are a minority group that the

industry targets in regards to alcohol containing higher concentrations.

Since we are frequently targeted and exposed to alcohol advertisement,

it places us at greater risk of alcohol-related problems. As a result, if we

choose to consume a single alcoholic beverage or multiple alcoholic

beverages, these advertisements may be putting us at risk to binge drink

and may increase our susceptibility to alcohol abuse.

A widespread alcohol-related problem amongst Latinos is chronic liver

disease, the end phase of liver damage that results in severe scarring of

the internal organ. This chronic disease is our utmost primary cause of death.

The prevalence within our ethnic group is unknown, although alcohol abuse

has raised some concern.

So what could be the reason why Hispanic Americans may be abusing alcohol?

As I previously stated, the adaptation to the new cultural traits and social

patterns of the American population may be a cause in this health-related issue.

Adapting to the American ways may bring about distress. Distress may increase

as one endeavors to gain the adequate amount of revenue to support their families,

struggling to familiarize with a foreign language, as well as the desire to obtain a

higher education. These are all contributing factors that may possibly increase an

individual to experience acute physical and mental pressure. 

The comfort that alcohol provides us with can create an escape from reality, in which

may serve as a stress reliever. Given that cirrhosis is ranked 2.5 times higher in

Hispanic Americans in comparison to other ethnic groups, it is evident that

preventative measures should be taken in to consideration.

The consumption of more than the standard alcoholic beverage required for male

and females may cause a vitamin deficiency. To avoid this health-related issue,

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consumption when experiencing stress.

I know that some of us may enjoy an alcoholic beverage from time to time to

alleviate our stress, but how about trying to ease the problem in a natural way?

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Always remember, when you are having a stressful day, “ the greatest weapon

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