According to the American Diabetes Association, cardiovascular

disease (CVD) is one of the many leading causes of deaths amongst

Latinos. Cardiovascular disease, also referred to as “heart disease”,

is an abnormal heart condition that causes obstructions or irregular

constrictions within the blood vessels. This particular abnormality

places an individual at an increased risk for a heart attack, heart

failure, stroke, atypical heart palpitations, as well as sudden death.

Many people are unaware of the primary risk factors associated with

diabetes. However, studies have indicated that every two out of three

people who suffer from Type II diabetes die from cardiovascular disease.

Type II diabetes is the excessive amount of sugar (glucose) present within

the blood, as well as the failure to properly respond to the release of

insulin. Elevated glucose levels results in the destruction of the walls

within the blood vessels. An accumulation of fat adheres to the cell walls

within the vessels, resulting in a build up that causes a narrowing inside

the blood flow pathway.

The connection between diabetes and heart disease is instantly recognizable.

They both possess comparable risk factors, e.g. physical inactivity, poor diet,

obesity, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. People can diminish their

risk for heart disease in the course of controlling their diabetes. You can begin

delaying the onset of any disease obtained from diabetes by firstly increasing

regular exercise, reducing unwanted weight gain, eliminating smoking and

decreasing alcohol consumption.

Natura-Genics® can help jumpstart your system on the road to recovery with

the help of the Essential Fatty Acid Kit. This nutritional kits contains the most

notable essential oils EPA-DHA Omega-3 and Flaxseed oil. Collectively the oils

contain emulsifying properties to help properly break down excess fat.

These particular ingredients have the ability to convert bad fats to good fats,

known as HDL (good) cholesterol. We all want more HDL present in our body

for the reason that HDL plays the role of a scavenger. It hunts for LDL

(bad cholesterol) by gathering the bad fats present within the blood.

It transfers the fatty deposits to the liver, resulting in the deterioration of

the destructive fats.

You may also want to try Magnesium Glycinate Chelate and L-Carnitine.

These products help build muscle, relax muscles, and reduce blood clotting

to help maintain heart health. These herbal supplements are all prepared to

help assist in insulin resistance, cardiovascular health, strokes, and in the

stimulation of metabolism to promote weight loss. Cleanse your body of the

fatty like substances and effectively improve your circulation today! 

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