According to the National Kidney Foundation, diabetes is one of the many

leading causes of death in the U.S. Diabetes is not a medical condition that

stands alone. Scientific evidence has confirmed that diabetes is a major

risk factor for developing renal disease. Renal disease occurs when diabetes

damages the blood vessels that travel to the kidneys. When destruction in

the blood vessels takes place, the kidneys begin to retain water and sodium,

resulting in inflammation and complications for eliminating waste products

within the body. Renal disease is a serious condition that is prevalent amongst

the Hispanic American population. Genetic predisposition, obesity, physical

inactivity, as well as an unbalanced diet are key factors that can be so

pervasive that it is necessary to detect the disease prior to the progression

of its life threatening effects. 

People who suffer from diabetes may experience the early signs of renal

disease. As I stated previously, diabetes causes water retention in the kidneys.

It is understandable that one cannot examine water retention occurring within

the body. However swollen feet, ankles, swelling around the eyes particularly

in the morning are key indicators that can potentially be the early signs of

kidney disease. Experiencing fatigue, inability to concentrate, nausea, vomiting

and changes in urination, e.g. frequent urination, pain and discomfort during

urination, appearance of blood in the urine, are additional warning signs to

determine if one should seek out treatment. 

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