Hispanic American obesity is prevalent in the United States.
The increase of obesity in adults and children continues to stager
because of the convenience of fast food restaurants and the high
consumption of empty calories, salts, sugars, and fats. With the
advancement of technology, food scientists are able to manipulate
grocery foods by adding additives that only add bright colors and
longer shelf life with no nutritional benefits. 

Unfortunately, the western diet has caused the rise of obesity.
Because of this Hispanic Americans who are obese suffer from
an array of health issues such a as heart disease.

Obesity (excess of abdominal fat) causes inflammation in the blood
vessels. This means the heart is strained because it has to work
harder to pump blood throughout the body. Your heart is a muscle
that circulates blood through the arteries and veins. It carries oxygen
and nutrients to support your body’s tissues. Obesity can interfere
with this process by contributing to cardiovascular disease risk factors
such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Also, excess weight can
cause angina (chest pain or discomfort that occurs if the heart muscle
doesn't receive sufficient oxygen-rich blood).

According to the WIN (Weight Control Information Network),
being overweight or obese often leads to health problems that may
lead to heart disease. This includes high blood pressure, high cholesterol,
and high blood sugar. Health-USnews states that many Hispanic adults
in the United States have major risk factors for cardiovascular disease.
They also mention that researchers found Hispanics born in the United
States are more likely to have multiple cardiovascular disease, coronary
heart disease and stroke, compared to those born outside the country. 

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Other products to consider are Pressure X™, Diabetrim +™, Formula CT™,
and Red Yeast Rice. Obesity causes the heart rate to rise and reduces the
body's ability to transport blood through the vessels. Pressure X™ will help
promote cardiovascular care and support low blood pressure. Obesity causes
insulin resistance, the blood sugar becomes elevated leading to diabetes type 2.
Diabetrim +™ has been formulated for blood glucose level support and
pancreatic functions. Obesity leads to high triglyceride and LDL levels and low
HDL levels. This combination is a risk factor for heart disease. Combined,
Formula CT™ and Red Yeast Rice, help support normal healthy cholesterol
and triglyceride levels. 
In order to achieve optimum health you have to discipline yourself by
eating healthy (living foods), exercising regularly, drinking plenty of water,
resting, as well as taking the recommended supplements. 

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