Latin American cuisine demonstrates diversity because it is made up of many different cultures. Our traditional practices vary according to food preparation and techniques. However, even though our practices may differ in regards to specific cooking methods, we still manage to share common ingredients. Although the ingredients used in Hispanic American cooking are typically healthy, the preparation methods negate much of its nutritional value.

Pinto beans or black beans are common staples within Hispanic American cuisine. Many Latinos take pleasure in cooking with plenty of flavor, which particularly involves the usage of lard (fat) in addition to frying.  In spite of our unhealthy full-flavored cooking methods, beans are popular within our culture given that they are reasonably priced and highly nutritious. The consumption of beans on a daily basis provides our body with an adequate amount of nutrients, protein, iron, and fiber.

Beans have many beneficial effects. Yet, I am sure we have all stumbled upon one particular disadvantage. Following the consumption of beans, have you ever felt as if your stomach has inflated and swelled similar to a balloon?

If so, than you may be experiencing gastrointestinal issues often obtained from these notorious legumes. Beans are a fiber rich food, depending on the serving size and type of bean, it can contain up to 10 grams- 15 grams of fiber. This minor discomfort may be due to the lack of fluids present in your digestive system as well as the lack of physical activity.

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Deflate the problem with our natural herbal remedies. I ensure you that you will be on your way to feeling like perfection and living in good health.

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