In America, Hispanics strive to acculturate themselves with the American ways of life. Health problems, such as stress, may be caused by individuals struggling to adapt to a new lifestyle. Studies have shown that insomnia, a sleeping disorder described as the difficulty to fall asleep and/or the struggle to remain alert during the daytime is currently prevalent amongst the Hispanic population. Research has indicated that foreigners that classify themselves as “Mexican” instead of those that identify themselves as “Mexican Americans” had a lower risk for insomnia in comparison to “Mexican Americans”. As a result, it is evident that the US lifestyle can negatively affect the health and sleeping patterns amongst the Latino population.

There is short-term insomnia, which can last from one to three weeks and than there is chronic insomnia, which has a duration of more than three weeks. Chronic insomnia is correlated with many psychological issues, although in this case stress is a contributing factor.

Is the continuous tossing and turning every night becoming irritating? Are you having difficulty in the workplace trying to complete daily tasks? Is your fatigue causing you to feel irritated with yourself as well as with others during social communication? If you have answered yes, than you may be one of the many Latinos suffering from this particular sleeping disorder.

Hispanics are widely known for using alternative medicine, for instance natural herbal remedies, rather than over the counter drugs to treat their insomnia. Valerian is a medicinal herb that is commonly used in various Hispanic cultures to help treat this particular condition. Natura-Genics® offers Valerian Root, as well as Dormimax (natural supplements) as a substitute for the costly over the counter prescription drugs. These products contain active ingredients within the herbs that naturally induce physical and mental relaxation to help assist your bedtime needs. Their sedative properties will help alleviate your insomnia, stress and anxiety by providing your body with a tranquilizing effect that is beneficial to your central nervous system.

Try these supplements today and be on your way to hitting the snooze into slumber land!


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