I am sure that you have heard that first impressions are everything, and to an extent this is quite true. People will judge you by how you look because it says how much you take care of yourself. Therefore, I recommend that you take care of your toenails. Yes, your toenails. According to MedlinePlus, our body hosts a variety of bacteria and fungi. Some are useful to the body but other bacteria and fungi can multiply and cause infections. Fungal infections are mostly seen in adults, and mainly target the toenail. This can be embarrassing and unfortunately it is hard to hide this fungus, because not only can it be seen and felt, but to an extremity it may cause stench. 

Hispanic American women tend to go to beauty salons to get a manicure and pedicure, but how sure can one be that the utensils used are clean? This is one of the forms that one can get a fungal nail infection. Hispanic American men are also exposed to this phenomenon since a lot of men’s footwear is closed-in, and this requires them to wear socks. Wearing socks all day will cause a lot of moisture since there is no ventilation, therefore causing fungal nail infection. Other factors that may contribute to fungal nail infection are swimming pools, gyms, poor immune system, poor circulation, Candida, obesity, heavy perspiration, oral contraceptives, antibiotics and certain diseases such as HIV, cancer, and diabetes. 

Fungal infections include Jock itch (groin area), Athletes’ foot (between the toes), Ring worm (also known as Tinea, which is an infection of the skin and the scalp), and Paronychia (under the nails). Interamerican College of Physicians and Surgeons (ICPS) points out that approximately two million Hispanic-Americans over the age of 20 have diabetes, and it is estimated that one-third of people with diabetes develop onychomycosis (fungal infection of the nail). Those with diabetes are at a higher risk for nail fungus because they have poor blood flow in their legs and feet, and their body’s capability to fight infection is comprised. 

Some of the symptoms are nail discoloration (yellow or white), brittleness, thickness, loss of shine, and change in nail shape. If you suspect you may have this condition, I have great news. Natura-Genics® has formulated Fungussil. It provides a combination of natural oils such as tea tree and oregano oil which are powerful antifungal agents that have the capacity to destroy even challenging forms of fungi. This formula is meant for external use only. We also suggest combining it with Garlic 3000, since garlic helps neutralize most fungi. 

Make sure that you take care of your immune system since fungal nail infection is a common sign of a weak immune system. Wash and dry your feet routinely, and ensure shoes and socks are completely dry. Remember in order to obtain optimum health eat well, exercise, and drink a lot of water, as well as taking the recommended supplements. 

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