The Latin American culture is comprised of various traditions, however people within these communities all share similar characteristics. Characteristics such as restraining feelings, relaxation concerning time and punctuality, and interdependence may bring about stress when struggling to adapt to the American way. Promptness, completing assigned tasks at work, and making ends meet to support your family are valued here in the U.S. As a result, an effort to assimilate not only brings about excessive stress in your life but may contribute to potential health risks. 

So what happens when your body is consistently exposed to stress? Your hormones go haywire. A hormone known as adrenaline elevates blood pressure. Simultaneously cortisol, a stress hormone, activates and increases blood sugar (glucose) levels beyond standard limits. This long-term activation of stress overexposes your body to these particular hormones that causes a disruption in the way your body functions. These continuous disturbances place you at greater risk in developing heart disease, obesity, diabetes, depression and many other health conditions. 

A nationwide prevalence study indicates that Hispanic men 40 years and older with heart disease and diabetes have been positively associated with erectile dysfunction. Luckily Naturagenics® has a dietary supplement that accommodates to those that experience this issue. Our Organic Maca Powder is loaded with vitamins and minerals that have positively been reported to aid in reproductive and sexual function. This super food is derived from a root vegetable that increases energy levels and endurance, treats depression, as well as regulates the production of stress hormones that are harmful to your health. 

Sexual dysfunction is not only found in men but is common amongst women too. The relation of stress and depression may cause women to resolve their psychological struggles with antidepressants, which have been linked to decreasing sexual drive. Naturagenics® Organic Maca Powder is useful in this manner given that it is a sexual stimulant. Sexual benefits are not all our Organic Maca Powder has to offer. Maca has the ability to decrease cholesterol levels, in addition to aiding in menopause and menstrual relief. 

Stress is an inconvenience that we all deal with, so stop stressing today and take a load off with our Organic Maca Powder! To try our Organic Maca Powder, click here: 
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