The major organ in our body is our skin. It serves as a protective layer from bacteria and controls body temperature. In addition, it serves as a cleanser because through sweat it can release toxins from your digestive system. 

Our skin health is the reflection of our intestinal tract. When an individual has acne it is a sign that their intestines, especially the large intestine, contain toxins. The western American diet consists of processed dairy products (milk and products made from milk) that may cause skin disorders, such as acne. According to Natura Dermatology and Cosmetics, some of the skin conditions that Hispanic American face are eczema, post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation, acne, and skin cancer. 

Also, our skin health is the reflection of our liver. states if our liver is not doing its job of breaking down toxins efficiently it must eliminate those toxins from our body by other means – such as our skin. 

Now, you can achieve clear skin today by cleaning your intestinal tract and liver with Natura-Genics® Intestinal & Liver Cleanser™ kit that contains a full spectrum of herbs, vitamins, and minerals to help detox the large intestine as well as the liver due to unhealthy eating habits. 

In order to achieve optimum skin health you have to discipline yourself by eating healthy (living foods), exercising regularly, drinking plenty of water, resting, as well as taking the recommended supplements. 

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