The truth about Statins that Hispanic Americans should know
Posted by Gus on 1/15/2013 to • General Health

High Cholesterol is an increasing problem for Hispanic Americans. It’s really no surprise since Hispanic Americans have adapted to the dietary cholesterol foods of the western diet. The typical high cholesterol foods that have been consumed in staggering amounts are meat, eggs, milk, cheese, and fast foods. According to, the American Heart Association states that high cholesterol is a serious health concern for Hispanic adults. Among Hispanic Americans age 20 and older, 51.9% of men and 44.8% of women have total blood cholesterol levels of 200 mg/dL or higher.

If you visit your doctor and you are diagnosed with high cholesterol, your doctor may prescribe statins such as Lipitor, Crestor, Zocor, Mevacor, Altocor, Pravachol, or Lescol. These statins help lower bad cholesterol by blocking bad cholesterol, which in turn increases good cholesterol. This sounds pretty good, until you read or experience the side effects. WebMd states that the most common side effects associated with taking statins are memory loss, headache, mental confusion, high blood sugar, and type 2 diabetes. Statins may also cause critical side effects such as Myositis (inflammation of the muscles), High levels Creatine phosphokinase (CPK), (an enzyme found in the brain, heart, and skeletal muscle), that may cause muscle pain, mild inflammation, and muscle weakness, and Rhabdomyolysis (extreme muscle inflammation and damage). 

Fortunately, you are able to control your cholesterol levels by taking natural supplements without experiencing those terrible side effects. Taking Natura-Genics® Red Yeast Rice with Inositol and L- Carnitine can help lower cholesterol levels. It can be combined with Coenzyme Q10 which helps improve circulation and process fats. Also, consuming 6,000 mg daily of Natura-Genics® EPA-DHA Omega-3 can help lower cholesterol levels as well as cut elevated triglyceride levels. 

In order to achieve optimum health you have to discipline yourself by lowering the consumption of high cholesterol foods (from animal products), exercising regularly, drinking plenty of water, resting, as well as taking the recommended supplements. Visit your doctor to get your cholesterol levels checked. 

References: First-Ever Large-Scale Prospective Study In Hispanic Patients With Elevated Cholesterol Demonstrates Significant Cholesterol Reductions With Crestor. (2006, March 24). Retrieved November 18, 2012, from DocGuide: Side Effects of Cholesterol-Lowering Statin Drugs. (n.d.). Retrieved November 18, 2012, from WebMD:

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