As a Hispanic growing up in America, your unique Latin traditions including your lifestyle as well as your diet may be influenced by Western culture. Traditional Latin cuisine is perhaps more beneficial than the typical Western diet. In the United States, Latin meals that traditionally consist of nutritious food items such as corn, grains, yucca, legumes, fruits and vegetables have shifted its healthful diet for the worse. Latinos have acquired an American diet that is higher in fat, sugar and sodium; therefore, increasing the risk of various potential onset Western diseases. Western medical conditions such as obesity, diabetes and gout are common amongst the Hispanic communities, which have been associated with kidney stone formation. 

Kidney stones are the development of small rocks within the kidneys. These stones are formed when there is a presence of chemicals in the body that cluster together and remain in the kidneys causing adverse effects such as blood in the urine, severe back pain, fever, as well as vomiting. Fortunately, preventative measures can be taken such as modifying ones diet by limiting the consumption of sodium, meat, and by increasing ones water intake of six to eight glasses per day. 

Some people may find it hard to achieve such a diet. If one finds it easier said than done than a natural supplement may be the route for you while adjusting to this new lifestyle. Formula CBR™ and Opti-Renal™ are products that will assist your dietary needs throughout kidney stone prevention. Formula CBR™ is a solid blend of 16 herbs imported from Peru. This product is recognized for its beneficial properties used to battle numerous urinary system disorders. In addition, a product known as Opti-Renal™ has been carefully selected to help maintain a healthy urinary system. The unique combination of nettle, dandelion, parsley extract, ginger and many more are ingredients that aid in urinary tract infections, water retention, urinary support as well as kidney disorders. 

Rid your body of kidney promoting contaminants and kiss goodbye impurities with Natura-Genics® supplemental products today. 

Suggested items that have been proven to work synergistically with Opti-Renal™ and Formula CBR™ are Cornsilk and Uva Ursi

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