Alfalfa: A Real Superfood

Living in the U.S., Hispanic Americans are at risk of developing diseases caused by high LDL cholesterol, or also known as bad cholesterol. Once exposed to today’s consumerism culture of fast foods and “sugar-toxicated” everyday food, it’s hard to go back to our healthy diets. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Mexican Americans make a third of the population with high LDL cholesterol levels, so it’s important to revert back to organic superfood diets and exercise.

Although alfalfa is famous for feeding livestock, human consumption has great health benefits. Because of its various vitamins and minerals, it helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure. This superfood contains vitamins A,D,E,K, and a full family of B for which by itself is incredible, confirming its nickname as “the king of all plants.” Alfalfa is also rich in minerals such as potassium, magnesium, biotin, folic acid and iron, thanks to its extensive root system.

In addition, alfalfa is also a source of fiber and digestive enzymes which aids against constipation and it is used in diuretic purposes, like healing urinary tract infections.

Alfalfa has had a long history which first began in Iran and Turkey in 1300 B.C. It was an important food source to Babylonian, Persian, Greek and Roman war horses because of the alfalfa’s abundant vitamins and minerals. Over time, alfalfa regained its fame in the 1849 Gold Rush in California when livestock was needed the most and thus had to be fed efficiently.

All in all, the alfalfa’s health benefits are over the top, but now the question that remains is: How do I eat it?

Alfalfa can be consumed in salads, soups, teas, dried, casseroles, etc. Natura-Genics® offers this beneficial supplement in capsule form called Alfalfa Combination™ which also contains sixteen additional vegetables high in nutritional content.. This dietary supplement in no way compromises the alfalfa’s minerals, but instead adds high alkaline content, which promotes energy and health.

To optimize health and the works of the Alfalfa Combination and even the alfalfa itself, one must exercise regularly, hydrate, and keep a healthy diet.

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