Soda consumption affecting Hispanic Americans Health
Posted by Gus on 4/22/2013 to • Digestive system
What do supermarkets, fast food restaurants, gas stations, liquor stores, and schools have in common? If you guessed soda, then you are absolutely right. Soda is one of the most consumed sugar drinks in America. According to The Digital Universe, they reference a statement by NPR (National Public Radio) that Americans are consuming 20 percent more diet sodas now than they did 15 years ago.
Latinos at risk of Osteoporosis
Posted by Gus on 4/7/2013 to • Bone Health
American Bone Health reference in an online article, Latinos and Osteoporosis, the following: the bone health crisis is particularly critical among Latinos because in California, hip fractures have doubled since 1983, while remaining unchanged or declining in other ethnic groups (Zigmond, 2004). Now, don’t be fooled and think that only Latinos and California are the only ones that suffer this health crisis. Take it as a sign. If you settle in this country and do not consume or take enough calcium you may be at risk of Osteoporosis.

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