Insomnia in the Hispanic Population
Posted by Mike on 6/30/2012 to • Nervous System
In America, Hispanics strive to acculturate themselves with the American ways of life. Health problems, such as stress, may be caused by individuals struggling to adapt to a new lifestyle. Studies have shown that insomnia, a sleeping disorder described as the difficulty to fall asleep and/or the struggle to remain alert during the daytime is currently prevalent amongst the Hispanic population. 
Benefits of Multivitamins
Posted by Gus on 6/30/2012 to • General Health
Traditional Hispanic diets vary according to the geographic region individuals have originated from. For instance, Mexicans typically consume four to five meals per day; however, those that have immigrated into the United States have become accustomed to a three-meal eating pattern on a daily basis. Foods that are used for meals vary according to income level, education, geographic region and family traditions.
Hispanic Diet and Foods
Posted by Gus on 6/29/2012 to • General Health
Latin American cuisine demonstrates diversity because it is made up of many different cultures. Our traditional practices vary according to food preparation and techniques. However, even though our practices may differ in regards to specific cooking methods, we still manage to share common ingredients. Although the ingredients used in Hispanic American cooking are typically healthy, the preparation methods negate much of its nutritional value.

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