Traditional Latin American cuisine contains ingredients that can be beneficial to the Hispanic diet. Tomatoes, salsas, chili peppers, citrus fruits, and alcohol such as wine, may promote good health if consumed in moderation. These particular foods, as well as other foods that are high in acidity and fat, for instance fried foods, may cause an individual to have an unpleasant experience after the ingestion of a large meal. 

Have you ever experienced a burning sensation in your chest after eating, while bending over, or in a resting position? I am sure many of you have associated this sensation with heartburn that you assumed would shortly fade away. If this discomfort is a reoccurring symptom than you may be of the 66% of Hispanics that are unfamiliar with this chronic condition, Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), commonly known as acid reflux disease. 

Acid reflux occurs about once or twice a week subsequent to the consumption of a high fatty and/or acidic meal. It is a condition that causes the stomach acid to regurgitate up into the esophageal area. Heartburn is a symptom obtained from acid reflux. However, if heartburn is not persistent, than you just may be experiencing pain caused by a meal that contains a large quantity of fat, salt and/or highly spiced foods. Frequent heartburn, chest pain, difficulty swallowing, as well as a bitter taste in the mouth are prevalent amongst individuals who suffer from this chronic condition. Do not self-diagnose yourself. If I have described the health issues that you generally deal with week by week, than I would advise you to seek out a healthcare provider. 

Whether its acid reflux or simply heartburn, Natura-Genics® is here to minimize the pain and improve ones well-being. Aloe Vera Complex is an effective supplement that helps alleviate acidity and many gastro-intestinal complications. It’s a combination of natural herbal remedies, aloe vera and slippery elm that possesses curative properties to relieve the distress during meals throughout the day and throughout relaxation at night. 

Digestan™ is a product that you may also want to try. This herbal supplement contains ingredients that are helpful in acid absorption, neutralizing acidity, as well as indigestion to relieve the discomfort obtained from acid reflux and/or heartburn. I suggest you combine Aloe Vera Complex with Digestan to amplify their herbal effects.  

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