Future Hispanic-Americans at risk of lung cancer
Posted by Mike on 9/27/2012 to • Respiratory System
Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in Hispanic-American men, and the second-leading cause of cancer death in Hispanic-American women. According to the National Cancer Institute in 2010, almost 13 percent of Hispanics were current cigarette smokers, compared to 21 percent of non-Hispanic whites. Smoking rates are higher among Hispanic high school students (18 percent) than Hispanic adults.

Oh my gosh, look at your feet!
Posted by Mike on 9/17/2012 to • General Health
I am sure that you have heard that first impressions are everything, and to an extent this is quite true. People will judge you by how you look because it says how much you take care of yourself. Therefore, I recommend that you take care of your toenails. Yes, your toenails. According to MedlinePlus, our body hosts a variety of bacteria and fungi.

Western diet a culprit for kidney stones
Posted by Gus on 9/10/2012 to • General Health
As a Hispanic growing up in America, your unique Latin traditions including your lifestyle as well as your diet may be influenced by Western culture. Traditional Latin cuisine is perhaps more beneficial than the typical Western diet. In the United States, Latin meals that traditionally consist of nutritious food items such as corn, grains, yucca, legumes, fruits and vegetables have shifted its healthful diet for the worse.

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